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Adjustment Disorders Treatment
in Eugene, OR

Adjustment Disorders are a group of conditions that can occur when you have difficulty coping with a stressful life event, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, losing a job, or a major life change.

adjustment disorder treatment in eugene or

Signs and Symptoms

Sadness, hopelessness, lack of enjoyment in life, trouble sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, avoiding social activities, and difficulty concentrating.

Sample Scenario

After losing his job, John starts to experience feelings of hopelessness and difficulty sleeping. He avoids social activities and has trouble concentrating on tasks.

Treatment Options

Psychotherapy, medications for specific symptoms (such as SSRIs for depressive symptoms), support groups, and self-care practices.

Why choose the treatment?

These treatments can help reduce symptoms, improve coping mechanisms, and help individuals return to their normal level of functioning.